Apple $450 Billion Wipe out – One of the Heart Breaking News

Before 3 months, Apple was one of the highest revenue company in the world.

But, since October 2018 almost $450 billion has been wiped out from its value.

It will shock you that the amount is more than the market cap of Facebook.

According to Forbes,

Apple has issued a warning note to investors ahead of its quarterly earnings call on January 29th. The key item of note is that revenue estimates are down from the projected $93 billion.

Apple CEO Tim Cook writes,

tim cook saying about 45 billion wipeout

According to Business Insider South Africa,

Just three short months ago, Apple was on a high as the most valuable company in the world.

But since Apple hit a peak of $232.07 a share on October 3, giving it a market cap of $1.12 trillion, it has dropped to $142.19 as of Thursday’s close, wiping $446 billion from its value. Its market cap stood at $674.75 billion on Thursday.

Apple last three-month earning chart will also make your belief strong about this news.

apple last three month earning chart

ABC News Video on Apple Stock

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