5 Time Saver Tips (You Can Use Today)

In this post you are going to take glance to the top 5 time saver tips that can help you today, As most of us procrastinate that we don’t have time. In today’s world we all are suffering from lake of time. we don’t even have time for time. if you ask yourself what have you done in the end of the day. You will realize that most of your work have not been done or done in a rush.

The 5 time saver tips that will tend to give 80 percent of our time to things that only are 20 percent valuable. And we give only 20 percent of our time to things that matter to us. Why we do that? Why we give more time to social media than our passion? That’s because we are manipulated, brain washed to use useless things.

When was the last time when you came home after work and said “I have completed all the task of the day”? I bet you will think on it deep. Take your time seriously. Have you ever thought “everyone in the world have the same 24 hours in the day. So, how in the world can some people do more than others.”

I also asked myself the same thing. But it all changed when I studied the people who could do more with so much less effort. They were the people who could enjoy their dinner after there working hours.

So I studied them and found all of them are similar in a way. If you just change the way you think you. you can change the way you live. So, I have brought you Five Time Savers that you can apply today and save yourself more time.

Wake up Early

  1. Wake up Early:

In our first listing of 5 time saver tips we have to wake up early in the morning, Do you ever heard the saying “The early bird gets the worm” if yes? That’s completely true. If you look at the schedules of self-made successful people. Almost all of them wake up early. Say any name they all wake up early. You don’t have the right to say you don’t have time if you wake up at 10 AM.


Do your essentials before 8 AM

  1. Do your essentials before 8 AM:

Do your important stuff before every one is awake. If you have read the book “The Miracle Morning” its all about doing your important work before 8 AM. Wake up at 5 AM or 6 AM exercise, Meditate, have your breakfast. This will give you a boost over others they would be waking up at 10 AM and it will take them to do all these works till 12 but you would have done them all by 8AM.

Think how many hours you gain by simply waking up early and doing the essential before 8 AM. If you exercise, meditate and take breakfast in home. They all will take you less than 90 mins. And from that point on you can do all the other things you would do.


Have a Deadline

  1. Have a Deadline:

What do I mean by that? Let me explain. Have a deadline in your day in don’t care whether that deadline is 5 PM, 6 PM or any time. Tell Yourself that you would finish all the work before the deadline.
if it do not make any sense to you.

think of it this way if you have a project to finish in 2 days or your work or career is in danger you would do anything but will finish the work in 2 days. Let me add a twist in it.  Let say know you have 1 day to complete the same project. Would you be able to finish the same project in half the time? if you said yes you are right and if you said no you are not wrong either.

Let me explain why I said Yes and No. if you said “No” you are right you will not be able to finish the project but you would have done 80 percent of the work. Your productivity has just risen by 30 percent that’s huge.

Basically, give your self a deadline that you would finish all your work by that deadline. This will help you becoming more productive and you would cut all the unnecessary things that you do.


Use calendar instead of to-do lists

  1. Use calendar instead of to-do lists:

Learn the top 5 time saver tips, If you are the person who have a not ending to-do list that never ends. This tip is for you.  plan with your calendar list things that you have to do each day. Like for instance you can say you have to pay the bills on Monday. Don’t write it on your to-do list.

This will not only disturb you but will ruin your productivity too. think of it this way you would see the paying pills everyday at least 5 times per day. How would you feel? I don’t know about you but this for me it would feel terrible.

You would think of paying the bills every know and then. While you can simply write it on your calendar and think about it only the day when you will be paying them. By this way you can procrastinate less and do more work without worrying about the remaining task that you have to do.


Let others do the work for you

  1. Let others do the work for you:

What I mean by this? I mean let all the small works that takes time and give it to somebody else. While you could do many other things that will benefit you. for example, cleaning your house, doing laundry, or anything that takes you more time simply give it to others to do the work for you.

By this way you would at least gain 6 to 7 hours per weak or more. This will cost you less but the relief will totally worth the money. Don’t do this if you make less money and paying more for your small works.

In that case, do them by yourself. But give them a date and time that you would be doing them.


“We only have 24 hours in a day to win the day”
“Waste your time wisely”

If you have any question regarding the 5 Time Saver Tips (You can Use Today in Your Daily Life) We will be more than happy to answer any of your queries regarding this topic.

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