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A New Dump of Pakistan Debit & Credit Cards Leaked Online

The BankIslami hack was basically done via a dark web forum, where the information on Pakistani banks debit and the credit cards were available to be sold.

Group-IB, security threat which is meditating the firm specializing in the financial sector, is now saying that a fresh dump of Pakistani credit & debit cards is made available and now anyone could easily buy it to steal the funds from the customers’ accounts.

 BankIslami Customers Lose Over $6 Million in Biggest Security Breach in Pakistan’s History

Message posted on the forum reads that the new dump is updated till October 31st, 2018 and can be bought after 11AM (New York Time) on November 1st, 2018.

According to the report, this dump is now available to buyers to move their moves during the next few hours from now.

It is yet not clearly known that what types of cards are there in the dump.

It is necessary to be noted that this dump might even contain cards from multiple bank sectors.

The security professionals have strongly recommended the financial institutions to keep a close glance at the international transactions, particularly for those that follow a pattern.

Some of the Pakistani banks have already disabled the financial transactions which are done from abroad. They are simply rejecting different types of transactions which are done from overseas customers. However, they are given an opportunity to re-activate his/her overseas transactions simply by calling the helpline.

The banking customers are recommended to get their online and overseas transactions deactivated, particularly, if their SMS alerts are not enabled.

It is now very important for the financial institutions and the law enforcement agencies to dig into the source of dump. If it didn’t worked out for now, for sure the leak would be keeping itself happening down the line as well.

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