After Coronavirus, China Reports First Death Due to Hantavirus

Everyone is still struggling to contain the spread of COVID-19 al around the world, a rodent-borne virus called Hantavirus has reportedly emerged in China.

According to a brand new report from China’s Global Times, A 32 year’s old individual from Yunnan, China died while going to Shandong by Bus.

Posthumous tests of the individual revealed that he had been infected by Hantavirus; the authorities of health care also tested 32 passengers of the bus for the same disease {Hantavirus}.


This brand new virus is emerging fears among social media users that this virus might also snowball into a global crisis like Coronavirus.

As per the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Individuals who contract the Hantavirus usually come into contact with four types of rodents that carry the disease, deer mouse, cotton rat, rice rat, white-footed mouse.

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This new virus has symptoms similar to COVID-19 such as Shortness of breath, Fever, Muscle Pain, Stomach Problems, Headache, Dizziness, and Chills, However, Unlike COVID-19, according to Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, the disease doesn’t spread from human to human.

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