AHREFS Introduced AWT (Ahrefs Webmaster Tool)

It will work the same way as Google Search Console (Google Webmaster) but this new tool will definitely try to come up with some hidden data or it’s useless, Fingers Crossed

Ahrefs Webmaster Tool
Ahrefs Webmaster Tool

Plot Twist: Tim Soulo in his recent tweets said “the new AWT tool is a big step towards their Upcoming Search Engine” (They gave us the Hint last year )

P.S: If Ahrefs launch a Search Engine, it’s gonna be a big one because they worked their way up throughout the years for understanding “How Search WORKS”

Now you can use many features of Ahrefs for free. Track keywords, backlinks, SEO issues and a lot more.

To start using, submit and verify your site on Ahrefs.

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