The Difference Between Successful Mentor and Failure Style of Teaching

The difference between successful mentor and the failure is style of teaching.

so many mentors teachers educators try to teach you but somehow they fail in term of transformation of the information.

the reason is very simple what they most of the time avoid and that is ” style of teaching

because every mind is unique and its very hard to teach everyone with same pattern of others and also its much more hard to teach everyone single basis. so the best possible way to teach is


yes find your teaching pattern. build your own style of speaking reacting taking and giving back things even your clothing impacts a lot toward your translations of information.

now when I say find your teaching style that doesn’t mean follow someone or search something. You can find that inside you already you just need to explore your self and try things differently and then realize internally what makes you more comfortable and vocal in same time.

I know sometime it seems a fake or put-up style on your personality but after some time it will become part of your very own self.

because practice always improves you from a dynamic personality to multi dimension persona.

hope my advise help you in near future.
see ya 

Credit: Qasim Hussain

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