Iftekhar Ahmed: Important for Those Who Are New With SEO

Important for those who are new with SEO. This is something I shared in my private group. 

I have been in the SEO industry since 2014.

The most common problem that I see is, most people are still stuck at basics. Most people are still not able to take action. This can be due to budget, low confidence, or even lack of practical knowledge.


To overcome this, PTI and many other groups did a lot of hangouts, video sessions, webinars, whatever you may call it.

The problem still remained the same. If I start SEO Q/A thread or if there’s some SEO webinar, the most common questions are still around the basics. Questions like, How to find comment links, are web 2.0 helpful, how long does it take to rank, and so on.

I do not blame anyone for this. It is natural to have these doubts specially considering the fact that you don’t have enough hands-on or practical experience on SEO.

Considering all this mind, I was thinking of ways to make people understand SEO. The main target audience being, those people who don’t take action.

1. Webinars? No (Done By Many)
2. Courses? Already a lot of them in the market
3. Blog Posts? Tons of them but none of them help non-action takers.

And then I thought of something that I personally do. Something that is very simple and interesting. But not really told by experts.

The audience loves numbers and stats (You guys literally bumped my 5-year-old $5000/day snapshot last week). So, why not give you a sheet to play with numbers.

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I have made a Sheet (Let’s call it – “SEO the iftiSEO Way”) where the idea is to track at least 10 sites for a month.

1. What to track? Well, almost every important Off-SEO factor.
2. How to Track? You know it already.

The basic idea is to see any 10 sites grow or fall for 12 months and come to key conclusions that will 100% help you practically.

How to Pick 10 sites to track? Well, you can pick;

1. Any new site that you come across
2. Your Competitor
3. Sites around your Niche
4. Sites that make you wonder “HOW the heck did this site grow so fast”?
5. Local SEO Sites
6. Anything!!! Literally any site, niche or keyword that you like.

What I expect you to do?

1. Be sincere and follow this method for at least 6 months.
2. That’s it. I don’t want anything else  (Maybe a shower of Love/Likes on this post)

The sheet link is in the first comment. Make sure you copy the sheet, make it private, and start using it.

Other details are available on the sheet. I don’t think I need to explain anything else. 

PS: I will be very happy if you guys share your learnings after using the sheet for at least 3-6 months. 

PPS: Let me know, is this a good way of learning SEO? (Obviously, the best way is to do yourself, but kahan hota h sabse  )

PPPS: The entire post is mainly to make you realize things.  I would have shared the same thing with just a link and a few words.

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