Amazon Polly – Text to Speech for Wordpress

You can Create Audio Version of your Post in Amazon Polly, You can Translate your Post into Many Language by the Help of Amazon Polly. This Service will Turn the Text into Lifelike A Speech.  Amazon Translate will Allows you to Localize The Content Such As Applications & Website For Your International Users. And to Translate Big Volumes of Text Efficiently.

First, you will need to Create An Account on AWS. Once you are Sign In With Your Account, Once you are Sign in What you wanna Do is go over where your Name is.

Click on My Security Credentials, After that Continue to The Security Credentials. What you want to Do, You wanna Do to Access the Keys, You will need to Create ID, Once if you have Created Id.

Then you will need to Install The WordPress Plugin. For that, you will Need to Visit WordPress.Org. Once you have Visited WordPress Website Then you will Need to Go For Plugin And Search for Amazon Polly For WordPress.

For Downloading Amazon Polly For WordPress, you will need to Download, Click on Download Button. Once your Downloading has Finished then I will Recommend you to Visit your own Website.

Go for Plugins on your Website Dashboard. Then you will need to Click on Add New,

After that, you may see an Upload Plugin. Upload The Plugin After That Click on Active for Active your Plugin in your Website. Then I will Recommend you to Open the Settings of the Plugin. After that Enter the AWS Secret Key.


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Sample Rate:
The Sample Rate Must be 22050

Voice Name:
Voice Name Mean that in which Language you will Going to Write Blog.

Player Position:
Player Position Mean that Where you want to Put Player Position.

New Post Default:
The New Post Default Must Be Amazon Polly Enabled.

Automatically Play Audio Content When Page Loads.

Store Audio in Amazon S3:

If you are going to save your Audio Files in Amazon S3. If you want More Description about Amazon S3, I will Recommend you to Website the Link. Save the Change. In your Blog Post Scroll Down you may See Enable Amazon Polly.

There you will be Able to Sample Rate, I have Selected 1600, After that, you will be Able to Choose Language I have Select English. Then you will need to Update the Post. Visit the Post you may See Playlist in your Blog Post.  Click to Play the Blog Post.

Amazon Polly – Text to Speech for Wordpress

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