Amazon Revelation About Alexa Sold Devices – The Quantity Can Shocked you

Amazon revealed that about how many devices Alexa sold so far, It’s a 100 million figure with several third-party gadgets with Alexa built-in.


According to Business Insider,

After years of dodging the question, Amazon has finally said exactly how many devices have been sold that have its voice assistant, Alexa, built in — and it’s a lot.

Amazon Senior vice president of devices and services Dave limp disclosed the figure of 100 million devices with Alexa built into them have been sold so far.

The quantity he revealed not only includes the Alexa own products, there are some other gadgets which were also included in this list who used built-in Alexa functions on their devices.

According to The Verge,

There are around 150 products with Alexa built-in.

Tweets About the Amazon Revelation

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