Amazon Selling Toilet Covers Printed With Islamic Scripture

Religion is one the most important thing for a human being. If talking about respect, none of the religious followers remains silent or patient if someone will do any unethical act.

Same is the case happened with the Islamic followers. Amazon a multi-national company is selling toilet that is cover with Islamic scripture.

CAIR, The Council on American Islamic relations fired a petition last week for Amazon to remove 20 bath and doormats items.


The CAIR further Stated that,

We received complaints about the items offered by Amazon seller Emvency that are offensive to Muslims because the Quranic verses and other Islamic references would be stepped-on or otherwise disrespected by customers,

Amazon in a reply said that All the sellers must have to follow our provided rules. And, if they don’t, they will see a strict reaction in the future.

They further said that the product complaint’s they received is removed from the website.

The executive director of CAIR appreciated the quick response of Amazon and further said that.

We thank Amazon for its swift action on this issue and hope it sends a message to manufacturers of such inappropriate and offensive items that they will not profit from Islamophobia or any other form of bigotry,

This kind of response is very good, but they have to create some strong rules which can keep the sellers into the boundary line.

Tweets against the Act

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