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Lockly – Introducing a New Smart Lock, It has 5 Unlock Ways for Your Door

 Lockly is one of the CES 2019 innovation recipients. They are providing you the facility of pre-order for their upcoming product that costs around $300.

There is a digital keypad on which random numbers display in front of you. The numbers display is designed with such a trick that even someone is beside you cannot easily judge the password you entered.

  1. There is a Digital Keypad with random numbers, you can unlock it by putting the numbers.
  2. There is a Fingerprint Scanner.
  3. You can also unlock it from the Mobile app.
  4. There is also a virtual assistant available for the customer to unlock the door.
  5. If none of the tricks work for you, then there is a key also available for the customers through which they can easily unlock the door simply.

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