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New Android Phones Android Mobile: First released in November of 2017, the Android OS has quickly gown up and expanded its install base to over a billion devices worldwide. With such a widely installed and encountered operating system, the reality is that you will encounter the platform at some point if you don’t already own it or have encountered it in some way.

Android Mobile has proven popular and has seen such rapid growth largely due to its extreme amount of flexibility, power, customization, open design, and the fact that it is free to use. Add to this combination of factors the fact that it has been heavily marketed and pushed by tech behemoth Google and you have a recipe for a widely adopted and supported system. That it is derived from the extremely popular Linux operating system.

Currently, Android is estimated to be on at least 80 percent or more of the Android Smartphones in use today. Similar number is seen on tablet devices ads well.

Of course, this dominance of the market comes with its problems, one of them being counterfeit devices from overseas. These devices can be purchased easily and for very low cost, making them easy to obtain. However, you don’t get something for nothing and many of these devices are loaded with malware.

NOTE: – Android Smartphone’s, much like the Linux Operating System it is derived from, comes in many different version. The most current official version by Google’s Android 6(codenamed Marshmallow) and was released in early October 2015. But in addition to the official version there are many highly customized version of Android Mobile, including SlimRoms, Dirty Unicorns, and CyanogenMod.



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