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Research Reveals that Apple AirPods & Wireless Headphones Causes Cancer

All around the world 250 scientists from more than 40 countries have expressed a report and initiated a petition with the World Health Organization to build awareness and warn individuals about the downside of radiations.

They said that Apple’s AirPods are not secure. They may cause you cancer while using AirPods regularly put you on the higher risk of cancer.

Doctors say these Apple’s AirPods, Wireless headphones may put you on the risk of cancer because of the hug frequency of radiation.

Last year the National Institute of Health looked at rats with prolonged exposure to radiation who later ran into health issues Such as Brain cancer and heart cancer.

These wireless headphones, despite the gap from the human brain, Amaze the human cells and by distracting the human brain cells, These headphones might put you at a serious health risk, Finally causing a human brain or even a heart cancer.

The biggest problem is that Apple sold in 2018 more than 28 million pairs of AirPods. Apple jury is searching into these claims by the scientists.


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