Government To Invite PayPal Once Again

It is likely that the Government of Pakistan is inviting PayPal again, PayPal is a U.S. based financial services company and online money transfer system.

PayPal could help millions of Freelancers and expanding Pakistan and Launching their services in the country.

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CEO Ignite Yusuf Hussian, requested the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan and Advisor on Fiance should talk to CEO PayPal and invite them to come to Pakistan.

The committee has also observed that due to lack of an online money transfer system, Pakistan is looking huge foreign exchange reserve, and also it’s hurting millions of Pakistan Freelancers sector right now.

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In an earlier committee meetings, it was also revealed that the PayPal is officially not coming to Pakistan, due to multiple reasons one of which is no legal backing and money laundering incidents in the country. will train one million people in the future of work by 2020 and have trained around 0.5 million so far at a cost of around Rs. 700 per person. He further said that people trained under DigiSkills have earned around $38 million so far.”

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