Asad Umar to Meet PayPal CEO (We Need PayPal in Pakistan)

Asad Umar former Finance Minister who recently talked about paypal in his TV interview where he talked that we will talk with PayPal CEO to bring PayPal services into Pakistan and also he said that if PayPal didn’t agree we will launch alternative to PayPal.

He also highlighted that the Pakistan’s IT sector and the market has potential, he also said that I don’t understand why is PayPal even ignoring such a big market place for company like PayPal. Let’s see if PayPal CEO agrees that would be amazing opportunity for IT Processionals and also for businesses around Pakistan, it will also further more grow PayPal. If they didn’t agree than we are compel to create an alternative to PayPal said Asad Umar.

Pakistan to Launch PayPal Alternative in 3-4 Months

“I have met Prime Minister Imran Khan and IT Minister in the past few days just to make sure we are moving in the right direction in this regard,” Asad Umar said.

The finance Minster Asad Umar is hoping to attract either the PayPal or another Internationally accepted alternative during the next four or three months, he pointed that a lot of the entrepreneur and startups really need it.

“Why are we still holding on to that? This is not a finite resource that could end.”

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