Balochistan in 2030 [The Future of Pakistan]

Baluchistan a promising future ahead, for our readers on blog, who has insufficient knowledge about Baluchistan, let’s first discuss Baluchistan.

Baluchistan is the largest and richest province of Pakistan. It’s capital and largest city is Quetta.

Baluchistan has multicultural people, that includes, Baloch, Pathan, Punjabi, Afghani, Sindhi, Hazara and many others.

What Opportunities and Developments Could Baluchistan Achieve in Future?

The current and most profitable project for Baluchistan is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will open new opportunities for the people of Baluchistan.

Around billions of dollars investments in these projects.

The entire Baluchistan could get facilitated with this on-going projects by China in Baluchistan,Pakistan.

In coming days, you will probably be seeing more opportunities, great roads and investments by giants that could bring billions of more dollars to Baluchistan, it’s the Next big Thing that can change Baluchistan.

The youth of Baluchistan will get better employments in Organizations and Much facilities of high Speed Internet and No load shedding and There will be no city in Baluchistan that won’t have Gas.

There will be Cancer hospital for Baluchistan, where patients of Baluchistan won’t have to travel thousands of Kile-meters to get good treatments, all one may find in Baluchistan.

You will also be seeing great Educational Institutions in Baluchistan that Specializes in Teachings Students Skills That Can Bring them Employments. The same is going to be done by JahaSoft IIT, they teach Baluchistan Youth IT skills that could help them make money while sitting at home.

Importance of Gwadar for Baluchistan in Future

As you might know that Pakistan’s economy is growing and Gwadar project can 100 times faster up the growth.

Baluchistan is the most backward province, which is far more behind than other provinces of Pakistan in road sector development.

But, it’s worth mentioning that Gwadar is the main weapon that will bring better road developments and CPEC project involves the constructions of highways, railways, energy pipelines which connects western China with Pakistan and the Persian Gulf.

Pakistan has signed deals that worth billions of dollars, and Gwadar port in Baluchistan will open up an energy corridor from Central Asia and Gulf across Pakistan to western China.

The real estate will grow the economy will grow and Baluchistan will be far more better Province than others in Pakistan.

How Information and Technology is Growing in Baluchistan and Its Future in Coming Days

It’s digital age, As we have seen tons of youth of Baluchistan, who are entering this new era so called ‘Internet’. We have seen tremendous amount of talent from Baluchistan, Who has vloggers, bloggers, animators and many others.

These are the people that will influence others to do more and better than them, this will not only change our current mindset about Information and Technology (IT) that we can earns as much as we can’t even imagine.

Some of these talented people could be found on a website called, Quettawaly.com (it’s a well known portal for Baluchistan’s Youth that Helps Them Lists on Their Portal to Get Appreciated, For More Visit Their Website or FB Page)

According to Google, Pakistan is rapidly becoming a digital country.

IT Revolutionary in Baluchistan

You will also witness a huge development of IT in Baluchistan, in just 10 years, you will be seeing every single shop will have their online presence and also every shop will be providing services online like E-Commerce industry, these all will be happening in Baluchistan.

According to our own research in Baluchistan Market Place, small business owners or organizations are trying to get digital.

In coming years it will be doubled and may be 10 times more. The more the IT rule in Baluchistan the More Issues are going to be solved.

Technology is something that will change Baluchistan forever, and now its on way to do the same, in just few years as less as 5, things will be changing, people will have awareness and will start introducing technologies to their kids.

This is something that helps the economy grows. Right now it’s Peshawar that has huge amount of Freelancers and Inshallah, Next it will be Baluchistan.

Water Crises

Balochistan is facing water crises and it could go by 2030, The government is trying to install at least three new water purification plants in every city of Baluchistan.

And the construction of Diamer-Bhasha and Mohmand dams to begin in 2019 and it will solve for sure the problems of water crises in entire Pakistan, specially Baluchistan.

Future of Politically Parties and People

In future the new generation of Baluchistan will be having awareness and guts to stand with people that are doing something better for Baluchistan.

People will be mature and Political parties won’t have other options of getting votes but first working for people.

Final Words

We hope for the best and hope everything will be going great for Baluchistan. The more awareness we get the less injustice gonna happen in Baluchistan.

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