Share of Wealth Given Up by Billionaires to Charity

Charity is one of the most effective ways that can change the situation of any society. 

There are millions of fewer privilege citizens in different countries. Their lives have been turned towards a road towards happiness.

There are a different disease, disasters, water crisis, food crisis, basic needs have been resolved through donations.

With charity, you could be a reason for the smile on anyone face. There are some billionaires who did charity in their life from the wealth they earned so far.

So without any delay, let’s start mentioning them below.

  • Bill Gates is at the number 1 position, he has donated almost 46% of his wealth to the charity all around the world.
  • Michael Dell is at the 2nd position and donated almost 9% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Carlos Slim is at the 3rd position and donated almost 6% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Sergey Brin is at the 4th position and donated almost 5% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Ma Huateng is at the 5th position and donated almost 4% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Larry Page is at the 6th position and donated almost 3% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Mark Zuckerberg is at the 7th position and donated almost 2.4% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Larry Ellison is at the 8th position and donated almost 2.1% of his wealth to the charity.
  • Jeff Bezos is at the 9th position and donated almost 1.9% of his wealth to the charity.

It looks like Bill Gates is holding all the responsibility for the betterment of this world. This is no doubt great thinking about any individual who almost spends half of its income to charity.

There is a saying if you invest on people with good intention, you will receive the twice of that amount with the almighty. 

On the other hand, there are some other billionaires also mentioned in the list who are near or higher in income according to bill gates but their donation percentage is quite minimum than bill gates.

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