Noble Prizes Winning Countries

There are different persons came into your life who changes your thinking perspective to another level. Most of them did so much hard work while the other ones won it on their unique work.

There are some who had a hard time in their lives but they didn’t lose hope instead they are now at the place where we ever wished for.

Without any delay, I am mentioning some the number of noble prizes the citizen’s of different countries have achieved so far.

  • The United States is at number 1 position with 377 noble prizes.
  • The United Kingdom is at 2nd position with 130.
  • France is at the 3rd position with 108.
  • Sweden is at the 4th position with 32.
  • Japan is at the 5th position with 27.
  • Canada is at the 6th position with 26.
  • Switzerland is at the 7th position with 26.
  • Russia is at the 8th position with 25.
  • Austria is at the 9th position with 21.
  • Netherland is at the 10th position with 21.
  • Italy is at the 11th position with 20.
  • Poland is at the 12th position with 14.
  • Denmark is at the 13th position with 13.
  • Norway is at the 14th position with 13.
  • Hungary is at the 15th position with 13.
  • Australia is at the 16th position with 12.
  • Israel is at the 17th position with 12.
  • Belgium is at the 18th position with 11.
  • India is at the 19th position with 10.
  • South Africa is at the 20th position with 10.

The United States is dominating with the huge amount of noble prizes and we should assume that it will take 100 of years to be at their level.

On the other hand, China is not on the top 20 list. It creates a big question on people mind.

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