Elon Musk and Bill Gates Hacked to Tweet Bitcoin Scam & Hackers Made $42k USD in 5 Minutes

Some Most Famous Accounts Were Recently Hacked, Which Made Hackers $42,ooo USD in just 5 Minutes of Tweets on Accounts of the Followings:

  • Bill Gates
  • Elon Musk
  • Barack Obama
  • Joe Biden
  • Kanye West

Bill Gates Tweet Bitcoin Scam

The official accounts of Barack Obama, Joe Biden and Kanye West Also Requested Bitcoin Donations.

“Everyone is asking me to give back,” a tweet from Mr Gates’ account said. “You send $1,000, I send you back $2,000.”

Bitcoin Twitter Scam Wallet Address

Twitter said it was a “co-ordinated” attack targeting its employees “with access to internal systems and tools”.

“We know they [the hackers] used this access to take control of many highly-visible (including verified) accounts and Tweet on their behalf,” the company said in a series of tweets.

It added that “significant steps” were taken to limit access to such internal systems and tools while the company’s investigation was ongoing.

Barack Obama and Joe Biden Twitter Account Hacked

Meanwhile, Twitter chief executive Jack Dorsey tweeted: “Tough day for us at Twitter. We all feel terrible this happened.”

One cyber-security expert said that the breach could have been a lot worse in other circumstances.

“If you were to have this kind of incident take place in the middle of a crisis, where Twitter was being used to either communicate de-escalatory language or critical information to the public, and suddenly it’s putting out the wrong messages from several verified status accounts – that could be seriously destabilising,” Dr Alexi Drew from King’s College London told the BBC.


List of Hacked Accounts:

– Jeff Bezos
– Elon Musk
– Warren Buffett
– Barack Obama
– Michael Bloomberg
– Kanye West
– Wiz Khalifa
– Apple
– Uber
– JoeBiden
– Bitcoin
– Coinbase
– Binance
– Gemini
– Kucoin
– Coindesk
– Ripple
– Justin Sun
– Charlee Lee
– SatoshiLite

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