A Dead Ummah is One That Favors Materialism Over The Commandments of Lord of The Universe

#DeadUmmah: A dead Ummah is one that favors materialism over the commandments of Lord of the Universe. A dead Ummah is one whose scholars fear the earthly gods first and the True One God later.

A dead Ummah is one which over throws the hadith of Prophet Muhammad PBUH where he said: “Make the rows straight, and make the shoulders parallel… and do not leave gaps for the devils.”

And instead adopts the new weird prayer rules scripted by WHO and UniCorp for their scripted PLANdemic I.e. Form rows like that of rabbits with a 1 or 2 meter gap for protection.

Verily this Ummah is acting like a rabbit, which is pushed to rabbit holes through this bogus pandemic and forced to change not only their trade and commerce habits but even to RESET prayer rules set by the messenger of God.

A gap between two worshippers which was once considered a sin as it meant leaving a gap for DEVIL is now considered as basic SOP of prayer because the DEVIL (Bill Gates) asked them to do so.

Verily on the day of Qayamat I will testify before my Lord about all those Ulemas of Pakistan and the world, who shut their mouths before their local pharohs and instead of protesting they surrendered to everything Unicorp’s mouth piece WHO asked them to do. They must prepare themselves for worst accountability in akhirat.

My battle against Covid19 like global events began in 2018 with my research at and it will continue as long as I breath.

Next big Plan is complete wipe out of Palestinian lands. GOOGLE maps has already removed the labels and Palestine from world map. Now the next big global event is just months ahead.

A nation that does not fight or will not fight will be transformed into rabbits forever.

Credit: Muhammad Mustafa Ahmedzia

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