Kalonji Not a Vaccine But Cures Covid-19 Completely

While UniCorp media is busy telling you that the only cure of their engineered virus is a hand sanitizer and soap, here is a magical natural BLACK SEED aka Kalonji that according to a wise man, who lived in Saudia Arabia between 571-632 AD suggested that it can cure any disease except death.

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What is UniCorp?

you will find it’s information on dark web only. It’s international establishment run by rich elite banking dynasties and Zionists. Says: M.Mustafa Ahmedzai

People call him Muhammad PBUH.

Kalonji is a Killer Antitode to Coronavirus

  1. Kalonji Heals Dry Cough
  2. Kalonji Heals Respiratory Problems
  3. Kalonji Heals Cold
  4. Kalonji Boosts Immune system
  5. Kalonji Heals Headache
  6. Kalonji kills Anxiety

Stay safe, fight this biological war with courage and knowledge but do not fear because it’s worse than coronavirus.

Research the claim above first and share it later.

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