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What Kind of Blogs Makes Money

Since the occurrence of the internet, there are thousands of ways opened for an individual to earn money. But, as there are different ways to earn money the competition has also become high with time.

Blogging is one of the growing industries on the internet, through which thousands of peoples all around the world generating 7-digit earning.

But what if will tell you about three categories of sites you create that can generate a handsome amount of money for you with time.

A Blog Site

If talk about blog sites so it means that there are a bunch of pages with content that occasionally or you can say rarely changes.

Blog sites are those on which you upload new content on a daily basis. The time of uploading content might vary because of some factors.

In some cases, there were a group of teams who upload content on a daily basis so the volume of the content would be high as compared to a person who uploads content on his own might upload super competitive content hardly once a week.

blog sites

There are popular blog sites who monetize their visitors through Google Adsense. They are generating Five to ten millions of traffic every month and earning a high amount of money which a persona dream.

There is some sort of rules about ads placement that all the popular blog sites follow. And you also have to follow the same rules while using Adsense services.

Otherwise, you will experience a huge amount of loss. There are thousands of themes available for the blog sites that allow you to put your ads at your desirable place, and that follows the Google Adsense policy.

Forum Site

Most of the people, and hopefully it will also you who don’t want to create content and managing other content creators.

What they usually do?

The answer to this question is that they create forum sites. If you want to earn a good amount of money forum sites is a quality option for you that can generate a handsome amount of money for you.

Forum sites are the places on which people discuss thousand of different topics. If you enter a search on google “Dog” + “Forum”, what the google provide you in return is all the related forums to that specific word dogs.

dog forum

and when you click on the first result, you can see tons of discussion on a specific topic dog.

dog forum


Thousands of user register and uploads discussion on the forums. There are tons of forum sites that are generating millions of views, and monetizing their users with Google Adsense.

The forum doesn’t depend on a thorough content, all you need to do is to create catchy discussion boards, and brought up the people to those discussions board for engaging them to your forum site.

When they engage in the forum, they will see ads related to your content. It will attract them to click on that ads and leads your sales.

But one thing that always matters is to follow the ad placement policy.

Free Online Tool Site

If you are a developer yourself so you can create a highly recommended free online tool site. Otherwise, you can find tons of developers online for making this possible for you.

Free online tool sites have a lot of visitors, and there are different blogging-related tools you can provide to a visitor which would help them in their daily tasks.

free online tools

If you fill the needs of your visitors, by providing the liable tools, then there is no one who can compete you in this category.

Free online tools sites are dominating and generating a good amount of sales. If you create such website and attach google ads properly, you could earn a handsome amount of money to fill all your needs.

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