Allama Iqbal Open University

The Allama Iqbal Open University AIOU is a public university in Islamabad, Pakistan. The university was established in 1974.

One of the top 5 largest universities in Pakistan and 1.2 million Students were enrolled each year on this university.

The university is affiliated with Higher education commission of Pakistan (HEC).

Allama Iqbal was the national poet of Pakistan; he helped and performed an important role in the development of Pakistan. The name of this university belongs to his name for a lifelong honor.

The main object for establishing this university was to provide the educational opportunities to all the less-privilege who cannot afford private university fees, and for those who cannot leave their job and homes.

Since its occurrence, the university has provided the best of his services to the students, and fulfilled their promises.

The university is also working to providing the best education services to the remote areas of Pakistan. With the help of digital technologies, all of their missions are more likely to be successful.

This idea of providing education to the remote area is called distance education. And the distance education idea was first introduced by the British prime minister, Mr. Harold Wilson.

The view of him has inspired some other individuals as well and this is the reason AIOU Islamabad took this initiative too.

More than 2000 courses are being offered in the university, there are nine regional campuses, 33 regional centers, 41 approved study centers, and 138 part-time regional coordinating offices established. More than 1000 study centers are established throughout Pakistan.

The employment rate of the students of AIOU is 70%. One of the most amazing facts of this university is that there are 50 % of females studying at the university.

Besides that, there is a particular website of AIOU which is providing the following facilities to the students.

There is a student portal available for the students that allow the user to access all the necessary information including enrollment details of courses, admission status, course status, course enrollment, and its completion.

There is a main Admission option that contains further subheadings including Admission Confirmation, Admission Objections, Book Dispatch Status, Application Tracking system, admission Amendments, Admission Refund, Tutor Information, and Workshop Schedule.

There is a dedicated place for all the necessary information about Examinations, and it contains some subheading including Results, Date Sheet, Roll number Slip, Assignment Marks, Provisional Certificate, Degree Tracking System, Assignments Schedule, and Assignments.

Important links options that contain Academic calendar, AIOU Library, E-learning portal, FAQS, and other informative links.

You can also review the latest news on the option given below the main screen that features all the latest news related to all of the study centers of AIOU.

There is an option for the readers at the home page of AIOU that provides information about all the Events.

Following is the programmes AIOU offering to the students.

  • The university is providing the SSC Secondary School programs Certificates that includes Dars-e-Nizami and General Group.
  • Non-Credit Programs that includes Agriculture courses, Al Lisan ur Arabi, Arabic Teacher Training Course (ATTC), Arbi Bol Chal, French Online, Lughatul Online, Step (Agriculture Sciences, Community Education, Hotel Services, Management Science, Social Science), and technical Courses.
  • Post- Graduate Diplomas including HRM, ELM, Criminology, Population and DEV, Dietetics for dietitians, Environmental Design, EPM, Nutrition for Physicians, Early Child Education, Mass Communication, Computer Science, Gender and Women Studies.
  • Higher Secondary School Certificate program including HSSC Darse-e-Nazami Group, General Group, and I.Com.
  • Bachelors Programs including ADC Associate Degree in Commerce, Associate Degree in Education in service (1 year), Associate degree in education 2 and 3 years, BS in Chemistry, Environmental Science, Microbiology 4 years, Physics 4 years, Statistics 4 years, Math 4 years, BS in Mass Communication, Library and Information Sciences, B.A General Group,, Bachelor of Dars-e-Nizami, BS-CS 4 years, Certificate in Librarianship.
  • Ed Programs including B.ED 1-1/2 years, 2-1/2 years, B.Ed Elementary and Secondary Teacher education 4 years.
  • Masters Programs including M.A Arabic, Education (DNFE), Teacher Education, History, Islamic Studies, Special Education, Teaching of English as a Foreign Language (TEFL), Elementary Teacher Education (ETE), Distance and non formal education (DNFE), Science Education, Special Education, Teacher Education, Environment Sciences, Sustainable Environmental Design, (Hons) in Agriculture extension, Livestock management and rural development studies, M.Sc in Botany, Chemistry, Economics, Forestry Extension, Gender and Women Studies, Mass Communication, Mathematics, Microbiology, Pakistan Studies, Physics, Public Nutrition, Statistics, M.A Educational Planning and management (EPM), Master in Library and information sciences, Commerce, MBA in Information 2-1/2 in Banking and finance, HRM, IT, Marketing, Banking and finance, MBA in Information 3-1/2 in Banking and finance, HRM, IT, Marketing, Banking and finance, rural management, MBA Executive (MBA/MPA), Msc Television Production Program.
  • Phil and MS Programs including Science Education, Special Education, Arabic, Chemistry, Economics, education in distance and non-formal education, educational planning and management, History, Pakistan languages and literature, Iqbal Studies, Islamic Studies (General), Islamic Studies (Quran and Tafseer), Mass Communication, Math, Physics, Statistics, Teacher education, Urdu, Community health and nutrition (Revised Scheme), Computer Science, Management Sciences, Environmental Design (Old Scheme for Continuing Students), Environmental Design (Revised Scheme for fresh Admissions), Pakistani Languages and Literature (M.Phil Based).
  • Ph.D. Programs including Iqbal studies, Urdu, Education in Distance and Non-formal Education Food and Nut, Business administration, Computer science, statistics, Physics, Mass communication, Agriculture Extension, Teacher Education, Education Planning and management, Special Education, Shariah, Islamic Studies (Quran and Tafseer), Science Education.

Besides that, there is an option available for those who want to join the university as a career. You can track jobs on the category of the website provided for all the visitors at the top right side of the home page, and before, contact us category.

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