Citizen Portal Pakistan

What is Citizen Portal Pakistan?

It is a service for the citizens of Pakistan launched by the Imran khan Government. The main aim of creating this service is to provide the opportunity to a lower class of the society who wants to complain against a specific government organization, corruption, or another sort of disturbances in the life.

The main benefit of using this service is that your complaint will go to the team directly who is working for resolving all the complaints, and to the prime minister.

There are no limitations of complaints as whatever is happening wrong or hard in-front of you. This service allows you to take action against it by providing a complaint.

Where we can find Pakistan citizen Portal App?

There is an app available for both Android and IOS user. First of all get access to your Google play store by providing your Gmail account, and for IOS you have to provide an Apple Id to access your apple store.

citizen portal pakistan app

After connecting to any of the platforms above just search “Pakistan Portal app” and click on the very first result that is providing a picture of the green star and two crescents of blue and green color.

Portal citizen Pakistan Registration

After installing the application, you will see an option of the register at the bottom of your mobile display with the red color font. Just click on the link and fill all the necessary option the app requires from you.

citizen portal pakistan registration

Pakistan citizen portal login

After creating your account, it will automatically log-in you to the account. But if you log out your id then you have to provide a username and password for log-in that you set in the registration step.

Pakistan Citizen Portal

There are different options you can see after completing all process. The app will show you all the complaint you have submitted so far. It will also show the in-process complaints with red color where you can see your complaints that are under process and at the right side there is a green option display that will show you about the complaints that are resolved.

citizen portal pakistan

At the middle, there is an option of feedbacks which will allow you to give positive and negative feedback of your experience so far using the app.


Besides that, there is an option of the total amount of feedback provided by you with orange color display.

There is also an option that covers all the categories of complaints including Municipal Services, Law and order, Education, Communications, Energy and Power, Health, Land and revenue, Human Rights,

There is also an option of feedback of this app through which you can submit your feedback about the app. It will give a piece of positive or negative information to the new users when they are going to install this app.

download now citizen portal pakistan

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