TikTok is Selling Ads in Europe

Bytedance is a Chinese tech company that created this short-video mobile app. It has more than 800 million daily active users. The applications started testing ads in the U.S and the U.K this month.

The idea of testing this came just after six months of merging the app with

According to Digi Day,

TikTok sent to a large advertising agency in Europe. The deck includes the app’s monthly active users and other audience insights broken out by country. The numbers are dated as of November 2018. The deck also describes the four ad products TikTok is offering and how they are measured.

It is also be heard that Tiktok is taking $10 CPMs for fixed buys.

It is also said by a media executive who has learned about the Tiktok ad strategy at a consumer electronics show that,

Higher prices for the brand takeover ad unit and said that there are three tiers of pricing at a fixed rate. 

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