Imran Khan Praised Irfan Khan Dedication for Polio Work

Polio is one of the most dangerous diseases that has affected thousands of people in Pakistan. There are other countries other than Pakistan who were in the past also faced a lot of hurdles.

But due to the work and dedication of other countries, and the funds of bill gates the world is now in a good standing place for fighting against polio.

Pakistan is still surviving a lot but there are some positive hopes in the future for stopping this disease.

On the other hand, there is a polio worker Irfan a resident of beautiful swat valley whose picture got viral on the social media when he was on his way for polio working campaign in a highly covered snow area in Pakistan.

Snowfall is something very interesting and amazing for the citizens. They travel to the picnic points and enjoy every bit of it.

On the other hand, this guy who thought its duty more important and completed his work in a snowfall.

The prime minister invited this amazing person and appreciated the work he has done for the children of Pakistan.

He also posted on Twitter,

This kind of gesture is really amazing for the citizens of Pakistan where a prime minister appreciating and inviting a person for his outstanding performance.

This shows that the population is also aware now for the betterment of this state.

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