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IS IT SAFE! Buying Website Traffic, Should You Be Doing It? (Bots OR Human)

I am sure you are very serious to know about this Question, now you probably have seen a lot of people in Facebook Groups or Forums, who are selling traffic in a very cheap rate. RIGHT.

Well, some of you might have even purchased from those members, well today I am going to let you all know about it. IS IT REAL HUMAN TRAFFIC OR BOTS?

 When I started my first blog, I didn’t know anything about SEO, Guest Posts, Video Promotion, Article Submission, Forum and Social Media Posting.

So, I didn’t have any traffic on my blog, but I was very consistent and working hard to produce content, as I searched online in Groups and found out a lot of people selling traffic.

I was very happy to see 100k traffic only in $25 Dollars, I thought I am going to make more than $200 dollars in Google AdSense, but I was wrong, My account was disabled by Google after this traffic.

Then I researched and found out that this was not real human traffic it was spam tools that generates fake/bots traffic to your given URL.

If you have purchased the traffic anywhere from anyone, and you have noticed in your Google Analytics account, it is like 0 users right now, it goes to 100 users in just few seconds, that’s what fake or bots traffic is all about.

These people guarantees you that you will receive traffic from USA, UK, CA and other high CPC countries, and you are like WOW. But you really don’t know that this is bots a real fake traffic that can harm your website.

There are numerous websites which provides these services online; I don’t suggest any of my user to buy these services.

Alternatives to Buy Real Human Traffic

You can do a very simple step to run Facebook Campaigns / Google Adwords / YouTube Promotion etc.

  • Social media promotion (Facebook, twitter, Google+, Instagram, Tumblr)
  • Blog posting
  • Blog commenting
  • Guest blogging
  • Article submission
  • Question and Answering site

You can also talk to any website owner to put your website ads on their banner or sidebar, what they will do is charge few bucks from you and whenever someone clicks on his/her website. He/she will be redirected to your website.

If you want to rank faster and Google loves to put your content on the first page, Than you probably need to make awesome content, and make quality backlinks.

If you want to learn SEO and want to rank faster and grow your traffic comment down, I will be more than happy to assist you, I will be making a video or text content for you.

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