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CYBER LAWS: What is Cyber Crime Law in Pakistan?

Cyber crime is one of the trendy and informative topics of this era and most of the people don’t know the exact knowledge about it. It is basically an internet based, computer-based crime.

Before 2016, the electronic devices through which most crimes committed by criminal was induct with other special and general laws and then the action takes against the criminal.

In 2016, the legislature feels the importance of this act and established the provincial of electronic act 2016 with so much a result and filtered the most effective rules that can really give advantage to the population. They also make different sections from that rules.

As you all may already know about the reason of making this act but for those who don’t know about it I am briefing a little bit more about the reason of making this act.

The act is basically made for those people performing illegal crimes like hackers, a male or female makes account of their enemy for spoiling their personal life it maybe you as well if any person who make account of your and perform some illegal activity it is also comes in this act.

The main thing is also cleared that the electronic devices are the related offenses which is describe in the act.

But there are some categories in the punishment for those who perform the crimes under this act.

  1. Un-authorized Accessed to any Data:

  • Step 1: If you accessed someone accounts or personal devices and just see the data of that account or device without any permission then you have to bear a punishment of 3 months jail or the fines of 50,000 rupee or both.
  • Step 2: If you accessed someone accounts or personal devices and transmit that data to any other account or device without any permission then you have to bear a punishment of 6 months jail or the fines of 100,000 or both.
  • Step 3: If you accessed someone accounts or devices without any permission and also able to change the data or information from the account or devices. If you were catches by the organization then you have to bear a punishment of 2 years jail or 500,000 or both.


  1. Critical Data:

  • Step 1: If you have any data which is not critical but someone accessed on that data then the section 3,4 or 5 will respectively charge against the criminal.
  • Step 2: If a data is critical and someone unauthorized access to that data just to see the information so they can bear a punishment of 3 years jail or 100,000,0 or both.
  • Step 3: If a data is critical and someone unauthorized access to that data and copies or transmit the information to other sources so they can bear a punishment of 5 years jail or 500,000,0 or both.
  • Step 4: If a data is critical and someone unauthorized access to that data with the aim of damaging the information or practically influence then in this case a person can bear the punishment of 7 years jail or 100,000,00 or both.


  1. Glorification of an Offense

If we talk about it briefly so this category it totally relates to those who prepares a disseminate information through any information system or device with intent to glorify any offense.

You might be wondering about which type of offense so the offenses come inside the category are different if you are snatching some data from any organized for proscribed organization also known as “Kaaladam Tanzeem” it might be religious or non-religious or individuals or groups the punishment for this is 7 years of jailed or fines of 1 crore or both.


  1. Cyber Terrorism:

This category basically notices the thing in a person who is performing any sense of fear activity with a purpose to make mis-understanding in any organization, any private offices, fights between religious sects, any individual community, ethnic hatred, sectarian hatred. The person will have to bear the punishment of 15 years of jail or fines of 5 crore or both.

And if someone is performing any access to the account or device and doing it for someone else without any intent of his own but just for the money then the person who is paying for this is also comes under the sect 12 with 7 years jails and fines.

There are several other things as well including electronic fraud, making using or supplying devices that is use for some critical issue, unauthorized sim card issuance and the one who issue the sim can bear the punishment of 3 years and fine of 500,000 or both.

Dignity of an individual person:

The main thing is now I am mentioning in this topic and the trendiest topic that is on daily basis is making a lot of problem for almost every individual. This crime is not justifying the physical harassment or something but the electronic approach of humiliating someone personality or self-respect.

Just for the understanding let me give you an example,

If a girl created any fake account of a girl and uploads her profile pictures and cover photos by downloading for her account. Now she uploads any porn images or videos on the fake account and spreading it to the world just to create a negative image of the girl and humiliates her self-respect. Just to give the gesture of that girl as a prostitute or call girl or anything else and if any of thing happen and a girl who knows about the information later what would she do now. She can charge against the Id and can the organization can easily track the girl.

Moreover, children pornography is also a biggest thing happening in the society and the punishment for that is around 7 years jail with the fines or both.

Now if you read all of the article and in general if you have faced such issues like someone access to your data but did not performed any changes or unusual thing don’t spare them instead charge a file against it and do not left such issues because later it became one of the problematic issues for an individual.

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