China Launches ‘Close Contact Detector’ App for the Coronavirus

China has recently launched a brand new application that actually allows individuals to check whether they have at risk of catching the Coronavirus.

They have named the app “Close contact detector”, actually it tells users if they have been near an individual who has been confirmed suspected of having the coronavirus.

Folks are identified as being at risk is advised to stay at their home and inform local health authorities.

The brand new technology shines a light on the government of china’s close surveillance of its population.

To make inquiry users scan a QR (Quick Response) code on his or her mobiles while using apps like the payment service Alipay and WeChat.

Anyone has registered an app with a phone number, Users are automatically asked to enter his or her name and ID number.

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Each phone number can be used to check the status of up to three ID numbers. The “close contact detector” app was developed by the state-own china electronics technology group corporations and the Chinese government.

Yet they have not revealed the exact working of the application, they define the term ‘close contact’ as an individual while living in the same home,

Studying in the same classrooms, working closely together, and medical personnel handling the cases of Coronavirus patients.

Anyone on the same public transport for a given period of time or longer is also considered to be in close contact.

The virus has been diagnosed with more than 24,000 individuals around the world and has taken the lives of 10,000 of those folks.

With the help of this “Close contact detector” app they have put up and are doing their best to try and contain this lethal virus and stop it from starting a global epidemic.

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