The Poison Billions Of Us Drink Everyday

Coco-Cola poison that billions of people drink everyday, now lets meet the CEO of Coca-Cola and watch him lie. Coke has spent millions of dollars on marketing to position itself as “Happiness in a Can”, and just like tobacco, their addictive product does the rest.

1) How Much Sugar Does Coca-Cola Contains?
2) Why Coke Zero, or Diet Coke are Even Worse for Body?
3) Why ‘Low Calorie’ Arguments are BS?
4) How and Why Coke’s marketing works to seduce your brain?

Its simple, we want Coca-Cola to face some sort of health scrutiny that big tobacco was subject to, at least get health warnings on those pretty red cans.

Billions of people say they enjoy Coke as part of their diet every single day.

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Coke doesn’t belong in the human diet. its a tiny can that is filled up with high fructose and corn syrup.

Coke is a product that nobody really needs, that no one would have genuinely desired, except that Coca-Cola makes you desire.

How Coca Cola Lies to the World?

What good does Coca-Cola do you physically asked from CEO of Coke. He replied, “As the introduction said, does have some sugar in it, it is energy.

Sugar drinks may kill 184,000 people each year, study finds. Sugar is one of the most dangerous things, you can put in your body in artificial quantities.

Diet cola is actually worse for your body than the original sugar-laden crap.

Coke advertising is all about emotions, its about speaking to your heart.

Watch the Video Here With CEO of Coke

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