Scientists Have Found A Way To Convert Thoughts into Speech

Scientists have found a way to convert thoughts into speech. If all goes well, people who are paralysis or neurological impairment will also be able to communicate; whatever is on their mind.

Speech Synthesis from Neural Decoding of Spoken Sentences

This amazing findings were achieved by the Researchers at the University of California.

The neuroscientists have been able to successfully convert the brain waves into literal speech.

The scientists at UC San Francisco have placed electrodes on the head of the participants.

After successfully collecting the data from their brain activity, than the scientists have transferred that data into a “Virtual Vocal Tract”.

Those Who Don’t Know ‘Virtual Vocal Tract’?

It’s an anatomically correction computer, which is designed to replicate the movements exactly the jaw, lips, tongue and larynx.

The result brought the exact human speech.

“For the first time in history, this study demonstrates that we can generate entire spoken sentences based on an individual’s brain activity,” says Edward Change, the lead author of the study and a professor of neurology surgery.


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