Covid-19 {Men Made Virus} Script # 2 To Roll Out Soon

📣 Covid-19 {Men Made Virus} Bill Gates & WHO Are The Ones, Who Knows Everything and Post Their Statement Years Before When the Virus Didn’t Even Existed.

➡️How Do They Know This All?
✔️Only the One Who Created The Virus Knows All About This.

🔖 2nd Wave of Covid-19 Plandemic Expected on December 2020 & January 2021 and Millions Will Be Murdered by the End of 2021 on the Name of Vaccination.

🔖 This Will Continue Till the End of 2021 and May be 2022.

🔖 Schools will reopen just like markets and then Episode#1 will be replayed with much greater intensity as soon as Script#2 is rolled out.

🔖 Schools & markets will be shut down back after February 2021 once again.

🔖 Herds will be pushed back to rabbit holes.

➡️ Just Keep an Eye on News Channels, How They Show This Drama So Big that Will Bring Fear Into Humans.

✔️ Don’t Believe News, They Only Show You the Numbers, Try Asking of Proofs; Such As: National ID Cards and Pictures of the Dead Body of Covid-19 Patient.

✔️Avoid Hospitals As Much As Possible!

🔖 Biometric
🔖 Cashless Society
🔖 Vaccination
🔖 RFID Bracelets and Chips

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