Covid-19 {Men Made Virus} Script # 2 To Roll Out Soon

đź“Ł Covid-19 {Men Made Virus} Bill Gates & WHO Are The Ones, Who Knows Everything and Post Their Statement Years Before When the Virus Didn’t Even Existed.

➡️How Do They Know This All?
✔️Only the One Who Created The Virus Knows All About This.

đź”– 2nd Wave of Covid-19 Plandemic Expected on December 2020 & January 2021 and Millions Will Be Murdered by the End of 2021 on the Name of Vaccination.

đź”– This Will Continue Till the End of 2021 and May be 2022.

đź”– Schools will reopen just like markets and then Episode#1 will be replayed with much greater intensity as soon as Script#2 is rolled out.

đź”– Schools & markets will be shut down back after February 2021 once again.

đź”– Herds will be pushed back to rabbit holes.

➡️ Just Keep an Eye on News Channels, How They Show This Drama So Big that Will Bring Fear Into Humans.

✔️ Don’t Believe News, They Only Show You the Numbers, Try Asking of Proofs; Such As: National ID Cards and Pictures of the Dead Body of Covid-19 Patient.

✔️Avoid Hospitals As Much As Possible!

đź”– Biometric
đź”– Cashless Society
đź”– Vaccination
đź”– RFID Bracelets and Chips

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