Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais Imam-e-Kaaba Wants Muslims to Make Peace With Jews & Israel

  • Imam-e-Kaaba Wants Muslim Brothers To Make Peace with Jews & Israel.

The Friday Sermon by Imam-e-Kaaba Abdul Rahman Al Sudais, The Imam of Grand Mosque of Mecca Said to Bring Peace Between Saudi Arabia and Israel.

He also pointed in his Friday sermon and spoke of peace and kindness with Non-Muslims Specially Targeting Jews.

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This comment just pop-up less than a month after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Recognized Israel, Leaving questions on Saudi Arabia’s next move in this regard.

Avoid any misconceptions about correct beliefs in the heart coexisting with having healthy dealings in interpersonal exchanges and international relations.

He also stated in his speech several events from the Prophet Mohammad’s (PBUH) life in which he maintained peace with non-muslims, specially jews.

He mentioned how Prophet dealt with a Jewish neighbor who eventually converted to Islam.

When the course of healthy human dialogue is neglected, parts of people’s civilizations will collide, and the language that will become prevalent is one of violence, exclusion, and hatred.

He also advised people to remain loyal and obedient towards the leaders and authorities and to stay away from the “misguided factions and groups.”

The statements have caused unrest among Muslims on social media who blame the cleric for exploiting the platform of Islam’s holiest mosque to make ground for the Saudi government.

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Muhammad al-Mukhtar al-Shinqiti, a Mauritanian author, saw the sermon as a misuse of the Grand Mosque from Sheikh al-Sudais to promote normalization and call for the obedience of the ‘murderous rulers.’

Another Twitter user shared the videos of two contrasting sermons of al-Sudais. One, in which he calls to save Al-Aqsa Mosque from the abomination of aggressors, and the second, which prepares the ground for acceptance of Israel.

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