MIDDLE EAST PEACE PLAN: Maulana Muhammad Khan Sherani’s Statement in Favor of Israel

Establishment has started brainwashing masses to accept Israel as a state and has thrown its first puppet to the chess board to make up the minds of the people.

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He clearly mentions in this video that he is in favor of accepting Israel as a state because it is their legal right by birth. He went on to this that I believe temple of Solomon is more holy than masjid ul aqsa!

He also said coronavrius is rehearsal of New World Order. Such anti posts are given side by side to keep people confused to ensure they continue seeing them as truthful while in fact their hearts work for someone else.

This scholar has remained the head of Islamic legal Council and has served establishment to the best of his ability in every walks of life.

As far as I have read eschatology Pakistani establishment and scholars will place the last brick in the Temple of Solomon. It is either Arabs nor south Asians who will revolt against the Greater Israel but a mix of freedom fighters from around the world who are led by a secret spiritual council globally.

I will say it once again Israel will be accepted by Pakistan as soon as Saudi Arabia accepts it first.

Be it polio or Covid19 or Middle East peace plan, Pakistan is now an orphan country both in terms of leaders and God fearing scholars.

These type of scholars are the actual wolves in lambs clothing and are the reason why the boat of Islam sinked so deeply.

I hardly follow any scholar in Pakistan anymore because I see a second god in their hearts the moment I get closer to them.

Those scholars who are true act worse than sheep so their existence is meaningless also.

Credit: [Mustafa Ahmedzai]

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