SaveLives: We Need Answers From Mufti Taqi Usmani & Mufti Rafi Usmani Regarding Polio Vaccines

  • #SaveLives: Muhtaram Mufti Taqi Usmani or inkay bhai Mufti Rafi Usmani sahab jinki izzat or Islam ki khidmat apni jaga magar dor-e-fitn me unka Polio Vaccine se related mere diye gaye sabooto ka ya tho jawab Dena hoga ya pir mujay ghalat sabit kerna hoga.

I Mustafa Ahmedzia request the students of Mufti Taqi Usmani to kindly forward my video to him and his brother and ask them about whether they stand with BILL GATES polio vaccine containing Monkey Kidney Cells or with HAQ.

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If I was attacked with derogatory remarks by their blind students than my stance will get stronger with every passage of time as I worship none but Allah the One.

Ulemas must play their part in openly revolting against this depopulation agenda or face the wrath of Allah.

“Speak the truth even if it goes against your kith and kins”

I openly challenge Tariq Masood for a public debate who declared Covid19 as Allah ka azab and promotes polio vaccines openly without having any knowledge about the use of nanotechnology in virology and molecular biology.

Tariq Jamil Sahab has also played his part in promoting this sinister agenda 21 via Polio Vaccination willingly or unwillingly.

From 2020 onwards there are two ways you can live now:

1. Speak the truth and embrace martyrdom
2. Remain silent, fear and obey earthly gods

It’s not about fame, money or any other worldly objective bearing Allah as the witness but standing for HAQ, the TRUTH.

Spread this message to darrulum or anyone who follows all these scholars or even those scholars who are voluntarily polio ambassadors and ask them to prove my statistics and video proves as baseless and crap.

I wrote over 60,000 words of research ( on cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology to expose the international agenda behind a coming cashless society and global events.

Since 2018 I had been expecting a global virus like this scripted Covid19 and I have been warning people from closure of markets to closure of Hajj, months before official news were published on national media.

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I hereby stand to prove nothing but Truth and belittle none but an international Zionist agenda of DEPOPULATION & BIRTH CONTROL along with a CASHLESS SOCIETY.

If my video broadcast makes the slightest sense to you, then take the needed step to protect your kids from falling a victim to not just autism but a range of neural disorder diseases that one can recon.

It’s not just the Coronavirus curve that they wish to flatten but also the curve of rising population.

🎙Watch The Proofs Here:

#NOTE: Share the post and save the lives of those innocent little angels who can’t speak for themselves.

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