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How to Create and Maintain A Strong Password System

It gets so complicated for a particular person to remember different passwords at the same time.

There are several of you reading this post have access on different sites which requires password logins.

It is very dangerous to use some sort of password for all of your existing accounts.

In a result, you could receive a heavy loss in face of security of all of your online assets.

Fortunately, there are different ways you can follow for keeping your password strong for each of the site you use or visits daily but still,

You have to make the password easy enough to remember.

Creating Unique Passwords

First of all, you have to consider one thing very clear in your mind.

The thing is to split the sites you are using frequently log in to into categories.

The main intent for doing this is to create a strong password for each of the categories.

The category list in your case could be:

  • Social Networking sites.
  • Auction sites.
  • E-commerce sites.
  • Email accounts.
  • Banking Sites.

All those who are using forums must consider one thing in their mind that they need to keep their self full secure from the forums.

Forums are on the dangerous aspect of your personal information security.

Whenever you log in to any forum just keep one thing in your mind is to create a password very different from your other sites passwords.

Creating Strong Passwords

For all those who are reading this article, the one thing I must suggest you is to increase the password length to more than 15 characters.

If you have an account that contains only 8 characters of the password, change it as soon as possible.

Write the first 8 characters of your password into alphabets, then the remain characters have to be divided into different signs categories.

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The more you add changes inside your password, the more you will get the better result in the future.

If you still confused about the process then I am mentioning a process for you to better understand the procedure.

Step Number 1: First of the 8 characters should of capital and small alphabets.

Step Number 2: The next 3 characters have to be numbered.

Step Number 3: The next 3 characters have to be different signs.

Step Number 4: In the last select the last 1 character as the most secret one which a person couldn’t track.

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