NASA to Head Back to the Moon, With Plans to Stay

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration “NASA” is open up plans to return The people of Amerca to the Moon.

The Space Agency of United State says that they will be there to Stay at Moon.

Nasa’s Administrator Mr. Jim Bridenstine told that The Space agency Plans to Accelerate Plans Backed by,

The President of the United State “Donald Trump” to Return to the Moon While using the Private Companies of USA.

Mr. Bridenstine Said:

“It’s important that we get back to the Moon as fast as possible,”

In the Meeting of NASA’S Washington Headquarters, while adding he Believe to have cosmonaut back there by 2028.

“This time, when we go to the Moon, we’re actually going to stay. We’re not going to leave flags and footprints and then come home to not go back for another 50 years”

“We’re doing it entirely different than every other country in the world.

What we’re doing is, we’re making it sustainable so you can go back and forth regularly with humans.”

Mr. Eugene Cernan was the last Men walk on the Moon in 12/1972 while during the Apollo seventeen Mission.

Mr. Thomas Said, “For us if we had any wish, I would like to fly this calendar year. We want to go fast,”

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The National Aeronautics And Space Administration “NASA” decreased Plans flesh out the Spacy Policy Directive that The President of USA Mr. Donald Turmp Signed in 12/2017.

The National Aeronautics And Space Administration “NASA” Plans to Design or Build a Space station in the Moon’s orbit by 2026.

That will be A way station for trips though not shill be permanently crewed like the ISS (International Space Station), presently in Earth’s Orbit.

As with the International Space Station, “ISS” and The National Aeronautics And Space Administration could seek the Participation of other Countries,

That is not Confirm that who is going to provide some of the basic needed. Such as Vehicles to Allow landings on the Surface and Modules for the moon.

Mr. Bridenstine Said, “We want numerous providers competing on cost and innovation,”

The national aeronautics and space administration “NASA” is also sending Technological tools and scientific Instruments to the moon before the end of this year or in 2020.

Thomas Zurbuchen said, “We do not expect that every one of those launches or every one of those landings will be successful. We are taking risks.”

Mr. Thomas Zurbuchen is Associate Administrator of NASA’s Science Mission Directorate.

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