Dating Leave for Chinese Female Employees

Living in Pakistan or any other country in Asia did you ever realized about any dating leave? 

You might be confused or shocked at the same time but, this is what happens in China. They are the most powerful country in the world.

Two Chinese companies are giving the single female employees who are in the late 20s or over the age of 30, an additional eight days leave to go home and date.

According to a notice posted by the companies,

Workers at a Song dynasty-themed tourist attraction can take the extra break during the week-long Lunar New Year holiday.

Leftover or shengnu are the two words considered for the single females who are near to 30 years or above.

It is also considered that the marriage has decreased since 2013 according to the ministry of civil affairs of China.

The dating leave is also announced for the high school single female teachers of Hangzhou, a city in the eastern part of China. The new policy allows all the stressed-out single female teachers to enjoy two days leave every month for relaxation and boosting their morality.

It is also considered that these type of teachers have no strong contact with outside world, so a committee of Hangzhou tries to impose more leaves for them so they could get more time and opportunities to interact with the opposite sex.


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