Google to Face 50 Million Euros Penalty for Violating GDPR in France

In 2018, France data protection regulator CNIL received a bunch of complaints from None of Your Business (NOYB), and La Quadrature du Net (LQDN). Around 10,000 people mandated LQDN to refer their complaints to CNIL.

The complaints filed against Google by the people not focused on the personal data but particularly they complain about the Ads Personalization.

After receiving lots of complaints about the ads personalizations, CNIL imposed a fine worth of 59 million euros last night on the tech giant Google.

It would be the toughest time for the tech giant and could generate more allegations and loss in the future if they don’t work on it.

According to the Verge,

CNIL said that the fine was issued because Google failed to provide enough information to users about its data consent policies and didn’t give them enough control over how their information is used.

Video about the Fine Imposed

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