Apple – How to Edit GIFs on An iPhone

You may Have Some knowledge about GIF They are basically available in your Smartphone in Keyboard.

They are Much Application that provides you can turn live Picture on iOS into GIFs. And There is not Space of GIF applications for iOS.

How to Edit GIFs on iPhone

First, You will need to Download and Install “GIPHY” Application from your Apple’s App Store. The GIF you want to edit can come from GIPHY.

Once you have downloaded “GIPHY” app then I will recommend you open GIPHY App and Look for,

The GIF you wish to edit or click the Plus Button at the down to access the GIFs from your Camera roll in your Smartphones.

Once if You have Clicked on Plus Button then a camera will open and that’s where you can Approach your Pictures from. You will need to Choose the GIF that you are going to edit.

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GIPHY From Apple Smartphone

The App GIPHY will Automatically open its Editor window where you can trim the GIF And add the text you want on it.

If you are done then I will recommend you to click on Check Button At the Top right of your Screen in your Smartphone. 

Check button in your SmartphoneOnce your edit has been saved in your Smartphone then you can Upload the edited GIF to your App “GIPHY” or can save it in your Camera roll it depends on you. 

If you are going to save your edit GIF To Camera Roll Then you will need to tap the share GIF location and on the share window, Tap save GIF. 

Share GIF

The App “GIPHY” Will not Naturally let you edit GIFs that you find in the app. Since you can edit them, If you are going to save to them in your camera roll. 

The option edit that is germane is the text and the trim ones. If you want to change the Direction of GIF you can Change GIF direction.

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