Digi – Mobile Data Management Feature for the Android Users

  • Digi and Telenor Collaborated each other.
  • A user will enjoy the service in their mobiles.
  • No monthly payment requires.

Digi is a mobile service provider in Malaysia. One of the popular telecommunication company Telenor is the largest shareholder of the company.

Digi is soon launching a mobile data management option for Android users. It is beneficial for both prepaid and postpaid users.

Now a user doesn’t need to go to the app, as there are options available at the feature within your mobile so you can avail services accordingly. It only allows the users of Digi about all the upcoming plans and features.

The easiness of using the service without any app will make it more convenient for the users. It will make the experience of the user more good and disrupt free. The data management is runnable at OS 4.0 phones as well.

According to Digi’s head of iTelco How Lih Ren in a statement,

As this feature can be accessed directly in the phone settings, it is now even more convenient for our customers to enjoy our services non-stop with minimal disruption. Having the ability to update their data plan and easily purchase relevant offers directly within the Android user interface, customers can now look forward to a better Internet experience,

At the initial stage this service is available for the Digi regular users, but in future, it is also assumed to open for others android users too.

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