PM Imran Khan Congratulated the Skipper of Indian Team Virat Kohli

The Indian cricket team has become limelight for all the fans of cricket all around the world. Indian team is one of the best teams of current times.

The body language, aesthetic ability, and sharp technics made them stand to this place where they break a record of winning test series against the Aussies on their home ground.

Pakistani Prime minister was also once a cricketer and captain of Pakistan team. Cricket is something that couldn’t easily erase by any sportsmen.

He is a politician and a prime minister of Pakistan but cricket would be his first love for the rest of his life.

Well coming to the point, Prime Minister Imran Khan congratulated the Skipper Virat Kohli, and the rest of the team today through a sweet Tweet on Twitter.

This is one of the best moment for all the cricket fans and players.

Also, Read the full details of their victory. 

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