Electric Bike Made by Peshawar Student

A student from Peshawar has created a problem solving thing for the people of Pakistan. The student developed a bike which a person can easily charge full in 3 hours and it can give the rider to travel almost 104 kilometers.

You might be wondering what would be the cost of its charging so the charging cost is not more than 1 unit which normally cost 15 Pakistani rupee. You can travel to 104 kilometers in just 15 rupee which is so cheap. It is also mentioned that the battery used in this bike can be long lasting for around 10 to 15 years.

The student develop it with the aim to remove air pollution from the city and he is also willing to manufacture more bikes in future but for that he needs a support from the Government.

The price of the electric bike is around 60 to 70 thousand Pakistani rupee just because of the technology installed in it but the traveling charges can be affordable for everyone and are cheaper a lot than other bikes.

The price somehow could be the reason for the person buying it as they can also get the new bike of Honda for around 60 to 70 thousand.

It may be create some hurdles for the engineer but it is no doubt a good creation by sheharyar khan for stopping air pollution and if the Government will help him in this creation it can sustain more less rupees for manufacturing as well.

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