Will Uber and Careem Survive in Future?

Now you probably are shock that what am I really talking about? Well, you don’t need to worry I am here to point out some of the coming issues regarding uber and careem drivers, who has currently only one source of income or revenue which is probably by riding uber and careem cars.

Now some of you are very well aware of the latest coming cars, which are self driving cars, it doesn’t need any driver or a person to ride the car for you, you just need to pick the location and till will drop you to your destination.

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Now if these two billion dollars companies do not invest in self driving cars, they will probably be useless in the coming years, because others will take over them.

If they do so, as uber is testing the self driving cars and investing million or billions of dollars into this revolutionary ideas, what about those who have only one source of revenue the riders or drivers of uber and careem? Will they have other ways to live their life and earn?

Now these are the few questions that will be very disturbing in the coming days probably, I don’t know that these companies are thinking about the riders which are currently working for them, or they are just focusing on bringing the self driving cars?

This is not the problem with hundreds of riders, it’s the problem with millions of riders? What will they do to survive in the coming years? Is there any alternative for these riders?

Let’s hope for the best, and it will be answered with the passage of time.

If you know the answers to these questions, please do comment below. So, I and many other people can get help by. Thank You.

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