Facebook Group Funnels for Selling Digital Products (Courses, PDF’S, Software & More)

Talha Wahid a well known SEO expert recently posted an important post about Facebook Group funnels. So, I am sharing here some important points of him over here.

I’ve been using the Facebook groups since 2014 for learning a thing or two relevant to the Internet business.

Only recently, I started noticing that 90% of the FB groups are not for helping anyone but created with the sole purpose of selling their product.

There is a psychological theory that people trust you/your product more if they have seen it more than 7 times (icing on the cake if it’s presented with positive reviews)

Here’s how this interesting funnel works:

1: You add a lot of people to the group that you think are broke and willing to pay for their dreams

2: The owner of groups start helping people with their questions

3: The people relevant to the owner (mostly on payroll) make sure the group is clean and nobody is talking the truth and negative reviews

4: Once they have a good audience, they start posting some positive reviews of their recent students/clients/customers

5: When these new people see these positive reviews and screenshots. They have a lot of questions like Can they do it too? How is it possible? Can I do it overnight?

6: The owner of the group held a free webinar where they show their product (course/PDF/SAAS Software) and all the positive reviews

7: They gain public sympathy by announcing some free winners, free subscribers, or seats for deserving people

8: They launch their product within the group and their people (on a payroll) make sure they portray “THE SEATS ARE LIMITED, HURRY HURRY”

9: They make a lot of money using the same product over and over

Why do People fall for it?

In today’s era, selling dreams is easy because everyone is seeing others on social media enjoying parties, having good food, wearing good clothes, driving fancy cars, and more…

AND these funnel owners take these things as an advantage for selling absolutely zero value products just by using this funnel system.

Am I Against Digital Products?

Absolutely not, Even I buy a lot of digital products including courses myself but from the authentic and genuine people who are progressing in life using the same method/software that they sell.

What these group/funnel owners don’t tell you is that they are progressing because of these funnels/groups and not because of their digital products.

Last but not least: They stay one step ahead and tell you from day one “If the product does not work, it’s your fault OR you are not capable enough”

In short: Most of the groups are created with the intention of first pushing people in this funnel, making their mind, and selling their digital products at the end.

What do you think?

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