Why is High English Vocabulary Bad for Blogs

The problem with most blog writers is: They think high vocabulary meaning high content quality, right?

In Fact: It reduces the readability for the end-user and requires a lot of extra effort to finish reading the article.

Why? Because Most of the readers even American’s and other English speaking Country readers don’t know much about Vocabulary…

It’s the same as our national language is Urdu but we both know the books/pages written with high Urdu Vocabulary are hard to read and understand, right?

This is why we use the word “exercise” and not “mashaq”, “minority” and not “Aqliyat” in our daily lives.

Same applies to the blogs: Readers are lazy and want to read the words that they use in their daily lives instead of keeping an active mind for understanding anything out of it.

Why am I so sure about it?

As we use Google Analytics on our blogs, I noticed that pages written in plain English keep readers for longer (Average time on Page) as compared to the high-vocabulary pages…

So, what should you do now?

It’s very simple-Put yourself in the shoes of reader before writing anything. If it’s a weight loss blog then you should picture the overweight people and focus on their solutions and mention their pain points using plain English instead of focusing on writing style and Vocabulary.

And Yes, I agree some time high vocabulary is compulsory like if you are writing for PHD students, Law Firms, University website then you should go for it where you are sure the Suits are reading that article.

But Blogs? Think TWICE!

Credit: Talha Wahid

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