YouTube is a Gold Mine

We all know there’s less amount of quality Pakistani content, right?

This is the reason people wait for new content from a handful of existing quality channels and even watch their videos twice, relatable yeah?

So, If you are not good but just average with your Camera skills—YouTube is a gold mine for you!

What’s my experience?

Well, I never made any channels myself but did help many clients and friends in the big organic growth of their channels, It’s SIMPLE…

What’s the Game plan?

1: Before posting any Video, watch viral videos of international people every single day for 4-5 hours, and you have to do it for 30 days.

2: Always do positive Click Baits (Like you should be doing the things you mentioned in thumbnails)

3: Don’t think of just PRANKS—Your content can be anything like sharing personal experiences, your specialty, skills, deep internet knowledge, funny stories even you doing some difficult things (people love weird shit)

4: Make sure you pick up a niche, so every time your name comes to someone’s mind or discussion—They are able to explain what you do QUICKLY.

5: Your first 30 seconds of the video are very important: YouTube data suggest that people decide in the first 30 seconds if they are going to watch your video or pass…

6: Your videos should be emotional “Funny & Angry emotions drive more shares/views”

7: Always watch your videos after final editing and ask yourself “If this is worth someone’s time” and If not, Delete it and create a new one

8: Never put UP a video just for the sake of new content because a lot of new viewers will only watch that video

9: Don’t copy anything and YouTube will reward you in the long run.

10: Keep the video length within ten minutes and make sure every second is worth watching

If you can just optimize your videos with these things in mind, You are going to rise very soon as the Pakistani Audience spends a shit ton of time on YouTube and they are going to find you…

Let’s bring us new exciting content guys!!

Credit: Talha Wahid

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