Raza Samo is Pakistan’s top YouTuber, whose channel recently got hacked and YouTube disabled his monetization, he worked for few years to come to this stage and all things got destroyed in seconds.

So, This is how Mr. Mustafa Ahmedzia Posted on His Timeline about Freelancing and Vlogging, Read Below:

Throughout my seminars and radio interviews I have kept repeating one thing: “Don’t keep all your eggs in one basket and online earning leads to depression ultimately if it depends solely on a third party”

This vlogger has worked hard for last 5 years to reach one million subscribers and now since someone hacked his channels so Google has though recovered his channels but disabled monetization on his channels.

When your online business model rely on adsense, facebook or Amazon affiliate sales or some freelance account, find a parallel source of income as soon as possible else there is no difference between a person doing a job and one making online earning as both are smashed to ground if one loses the job and the other gets blocked, banned, hacked or demonetized.

This vlogger didn’t get the basic lucrative idea and thus he will waste another productive year of his life for another 1 million subscribers. In the end he is serving Adsense and not himself.

Online earning that depends on third party for earning ultimately leads to depression. This is not my thinking but having seen many people getting bankrupt online for the past 15 years.

Find a physical business and treat online earning as hobby only. The better you get it, financially secure will be your future.

Freelancing, vlogging, blogging are just like jobs not actually owned or controlled by you. They are neither online business unless you run an online brand giving digital services or selling digital product on your company site.

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