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Five Programming Languages For Software Development [2020]

Are you looking to find some of the top 5 best programming languages for software development? if yes, you are in the right place to get started.

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The simplest way to find and pick the best programming languages for software development or web development is by tuning into what the market says.

Top 5 Programming Languages for Development

Lets discuss in depth to find out the best programming languages that is best for web development; Here is the lists of top programming languages.

Python Programming Language

1) Python:

Python is one of the most in demand skills right now, Python’s punctuation is clear, natural and practically English like, which is similar to Java.

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  • The salary of an average Python Developers in the U.S; According to Indeed: $117,503 annually.
  • Most dynamic programming language on GitHub.

Python Programming Language

2) Java

Jave is one of the most loved options for structure huge scale venture web applications.

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Java is entirely for web improvement based occupations and administration in enormous associations.

  • The average Java Developer Earns in the U.S According to Indeed: $101,929 Annually.
  • Most dynamic top programming language on GitHub.

JavaScript Programming Language

3) JavaScript

JavaScript is the basic to front end web improvements. A dominant part of the web’s ost famous locales, from Facebook and Twitter to Gmail and YouTUbe, depend on JavaScript to make intuitive site pages and powerfully show substance to clients.

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Although JavaScript is a front-end language keep running on program, it can likewise be utilized on the server-side through Node.js is perfect with Linux, SunOS, MacOS X and Windows.

  • An average JavaScript developer earns in the U.S According to Indeed: $109,462 annually.
  • Most prevalent programming language on GitHub.

Ruby Programming Language

4) Ruby:

Ruby is another major scripting language that is regularly utilized for web advancement. Specially, it’s utilized as the reason for the well known Ruby on Rails web application structure.

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  • Normal worldwide pay for advancement on Ruby: $76k. The normal compensation for Ruby engineers in the U.S is $123k annually.
  • Ruby most generous compensated language all inclusive according to Stack Overflow engineer study 2019.

PHP Programming Language

5) PHP

PHP is server side scripting language, Almost 83 percent of websites run with PHP, Like Facebook, Wikipedia and Yahoo.

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  • Average PHP Developer earns around $82727 Annually.
  • Most Prevalent Programming language on Github.
In the End!
  • Front-end web development – JavaScript
  • Back-end development – JavaScript, Python, Java, PHP, Ruby
  • Desktop application – Java, Python
  • Mobile Development – Java

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