PUBG Mobile Has Earned Over $1 Billion in Revenue

You may have knowledge about PUBG Mobile, It is one of the most growing Smartphone game. On its release, it gained traction across many markets.

It is world biggest Mobile game released on February 9, 2018, in the terms of revenue, and outperforming other battle royale title such as Fortnite and Knives Out.

Recently, SensorTower has revealed that the game PUBG Mobile has now crossed the $1 million mark in revenue.

Many of this has to do with the game’s which was newly released in China as “Game For Peace”.

After releasing, Player are spending skyrocketed to $167 million, which is an increase of about 748% from last year (2018).

Actually, this was the reason behind PUBG Mobile, and this made it the number 1 mobile game in terms of revenue for over three months in a row.

PUBG Mobile Revenue

Although, It is removed from the equation in china the Mobile game has still shown fantastic growth with players spending our $63 million outside of china in just one month.

Everyone is sure that these numbers don’t include revenue generated from PUBG Mobile lite. As the name suggests like a PUBG Mobile Lite is a lightweight alternative for older devices which has low hardware to run the game.

Online game “Fortnite” on the other hand has a long way to go before it can reach the $1billion mark, According to recent estimates,

The PUBG Mobile managed the generate $752 million in revenue on iOS and Anroid. Yet, the video game (Epic Games) has to properly launch Fornite in China.

Suppose if you are going to download the PUBG Mobile game, you can download on Android And iOS.

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